Import export finance

A specialised short-term finance facility designed to smooth over the potential bumps of international commerce.

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What is import-export finance?

This finance solution can bridge the trading shortfall between goods being received and the payment being made. We act as a third party to provide payment for goods in order to keep cash and goods flowing between importers and exporters, even if the logistics of international trade – things like currency payments and credit assessments – get in the way.

This assurance of payment allows relationships between importers and exporters to be cemented, helping you to build a solid global trade network. Because import-export finance can be off-balance sheet, it can be standalone or used alongside other trade finance products for further risk mitigation.

Who is import-export finance suitable for?

Businesses looking to scale their import or export operations can benefit from import-export finance, as they are given the financial flexibility to boost their purchasing power. This finance solution also increases your competitive edge, by ensuring the supply chain keeps moving, and relationships aren’t soured by delayed payments.

Our import-export finance is designed to be as slick and streamlined as possible. Loans can be made on imports or exports, and payment can be made in local currency to reduce the time frame. We look at trading partners and projections and secure lending against orders and invoices, meaning that fledgeling businesses or those with a less-than-ideal past can benefit from import-export finance with Access Commercial Finance. You can also enjoy:

  • Flexible funding

  • Dedicated account manager

  • Same day decisions

  • Less than ideal financial histories considered

  • Absent filed accounts considered

  • No hidden fees

  • No collateral required

Trade globally; stay competitive

Find out how import export finance can help you build a solid global trading network build on trust and solid relationships.
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Very Efficient. Excellent communication at all stages of the process, clear documentation and very fast turnaround in the funds hitting our bank.

– House of Tiago

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