Non-homeowner business loans

An unsecured finance solution which doesn’t require home ownership, giving you flexibility to borrow money to grow your business.

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What is a non-homeowner business loan?

Many lenders insist that customers taking out unsecured business loans are homeowners, despite the home not being used as collateral. A non-homeowner business loan allows tenants to borrow for any purpose. Achieve growth with a small business loan that doesn’t require home ownership.

A non-homeowner business loan is an unsecured finance product, meaning no collateral is taken against the loan. The key difference between a non-homeowner business loan and a traditional unsecured loan is that home ownership is often a required lending criteria for the latter.

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We have lent millions of pounds to hundreds of businesses across all industries. Our application process is painless and our loan terms are transparent: our priority is giving your business the finance and opportunity it needs to succeed.

You don’t need to be a homeowner to get a business loan. Get in touch with our team to talk about a non-homeowner loan today, and see if it could be the perfect solution for your business.

  • Home ownership not required

  • Money could be in your bank account within 2 business days

  • Can be used for any purpose

  • Applications from any industry considered

  • Transparent lending: no hidden fees

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A non-homeowner business loan gives you the cash you need to succeed, without the need to own your home.
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Very Efficient. Excellent communication at all stages of the process, clear documentation and very fast turnaround in the funds hitting our bank.

– House of Tiago

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