Pension backed funding

Enjoy access to the capital in your pension: flexible funding to develop your thriving business, refine its offering, and achieve further success.

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Multiple routes; flexible funding

The private pension funds of business owners can provide collateral to borrow against, either directly or via other routes. Our team will find the right solution for you.

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Access Commercial Finance is owned and run by experienced entrepreneurs who have extensive experience in establishing and building successful businesses, in a variety of sectors, some of which have achieved a global presence.

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Pension backed funding is complex, but well worth becoming acquainted with. Businesses with healthy balance sheets and well-structured expansion plans can benefit hugely from this finance solution, and our team of experts are trained to match each applicant with the right product for them.

We’ll run you through the risks, the red tape, and the solutions. You’ll also enjoy:

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  • Fixed interest rates and no hidden fees

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How pension backed funding works

If your question isn’t answered here, get in touch and we will answer any queries.

This finance solution is best employed to help strong businesses grow stronger. We recommend pension backed finance to businesses whose balance sheets are healthy, and whose expansion plans are clear and well thought through.

Enjoy flexibility in how the money can be used: expand premises, develop your offering, strengthen your current workforce and pave the way for future success.

Industries with intellectual property can benefit, as the pension fund can purchase this and lease it back to the business. This has the combined benefit of raising capital, and putting the pension fund in ownership of a potentially appreciating asset.

It is worth noting that, regardless of industry, a pension must be transferred to a SIPP (self-invested personal pension) or SSAS (small self administered scheme) to be eligible. There are various criteria that must be observed in regard to loan amounts and interest rates: we can advise on this, and make recommendations based on experience of which amounts you could consider borrowing.

Never: we don’t penalise our customers for paying back their loans early.

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Fund the continued success of your organisation with pension backed funding. Our advisers will cut through the jargon, and help you succeed.