Confidential invoice discounting

Borrow against outstanding invoices for predictable, regular, and uninterrupted cash flow. Keep things flowing whether customers pay on time or not.

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What is confidential invoice discounting?

By definition, confidential invoice discounting allows you to unlock funds in unpaid invoices by securing finance against them. We are able to lend up to 90% of an invoice as soon as you issue it, letting you keep cash flowing when customers are being slow to pay. This is a non-intrusive finance facility, where you can borrow against outstanding invoices without affecting your internal processes.

With the option to set confidential invoice discounting up as an ongoing credit facility, you are able to borrow continually up to an agreed rate. This means that once an invoice is repaid you can borrow again, giving you the power to make decisions according to your business needs, not to your cash flow.

Who is suitable for confidential invoice discounting?

Businesses who choose confidential invoice discounting want to retain control of internal processes like issuing, chasing, and collecting invoices. They want to maintain customer relationships and conceal the involvement of a third party.

Any business who issues invoices is eligible to benefit from confidential invoice discounting, although, for businesses looking to streamline their internal operations at the same time, we might recommend another type of invoice finance. We’ll be happy to talk you through the options and get you hooked up with an invoice discounting facility to fit your needs. As an Access Commercial Finance customer you can also enjoy:

  • Fixed interest rates and no hidden fees

  • No hidden fees

  • Applications considered from any industry

  • Flexibility in how you use your loan

  • Streamlined application process

Get paid as soon as you raise invoices

Stop being beholden to slow-paying customers, access funds immediately to put straight back into your business.
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