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Raise cash against invoices to bring your cash flow in line with your sales ledger. Stay responsive and grow at the pace you deserve.

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Get immediate funds by selling slow-paying accounts receivable. Reinvest in growth and remove your reliance on others’ cash flow with invoice finance from Access Commercial Finance:

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Access Commercial Finance is owned and run by experienced entrepreneurs who have extensive experience in establishing and building successful businesses, in a variety of sectors, some of which have achieved a global presence.

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Invoice financing gives you the power to snap up good deals, to increase your capacity to fulfil big orders and much more. Get up to 90% of the value of commercial invoices immediately to grow your business. Talk to us to find out which types of invoice finance are suitable for your business.

  • Maintain business cash flow

  • Enable fast business growth

  • Revolving borrowing facility

  • Can be used for any purpose

  • Funding decision within 24 hours

Why should you use invoice finance?

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We purchase invoices that are yet to be paid, giving you immediate access to the capital they represent. Borrowing against the value of eligible invoices removes your reliance on potentially slow-paying clients and customers, and allows you to reinvest in growth at your own pace.

You may also hear the term ‘receivables financing’.

This describes an arrangement where we offer a certain amount of credit, and you can borrow against as many invoices as you like within this amount. Once an invoice is repaid, it frees up that amount from the credit and allows you to borrow again.

We will look at your whole sales ledger across a year when assessing how much finance we can offer, meaning the amount will be based on typical sales performance rather than individual invoice amount.

In an invoice finance factoring agreement, we buy outstanding invoices and take responsibility for the collection of their payment. Once the invoice has been paid we send you the remainder after subtracting our advance and fees

Having us be responsible for chasing payment frees up internal capacity at your end and removes the stress of collection.

In an invoice discount agreement we buy outstanding invoices but you retain responsibility for ensuring they are paid, meaning customers are unaware of third party involvement. On payment of each invoice we take a fee.

Invoice finance is best suited to industries who sell to commercial customers. Invoices for non-commercial customers are rarely suitable for this type of finance.

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Our team can help you secure immediate cash from accounts receivable with invoice finance solutions tailored to the needs of your business.