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What is donation funding?

In this type of crowdfunding, your idea or project is funded by the belief of well-wishers and supporters. They donate from a position of altruism, rather than from expectation of repayment, equity, or reward. If your idea is airtight this type of funding can help it to become a reality, with no financial obligation to your investors.

As with other types of crowdfunding, the funding for your project is provided by multiple backers, each donating a small amount. This means that crafting the perfect pitch is of paramount importance: you must communicate your idea in a way that excites and inspires potential donors, in order to convince them yours is a project worth being involved with.

Who is suitable for donation crowdfunding?

Given the altruistic nature of this funding type, it is best suited to charitable or non-profit ventures. Organisations and individuals in the third sector can benefit, as can social enterprises, and charities. Some projects we have seen succeed include charitable projects, community building restorations, fundraising for medical care, and more.

We have a firm grasp of the crowdfunding marketplace and can advise you on the best possible pitch and platform for success. The underlying principles are the same across the different types of crowdfunding: a story must be told to build a connection. Our involvement with customers across the whole crowdfunding spectrum puts us in a prime position to help you succeed. You will also enjoy:

  • Fixed interest rates and no hidden fees

  • No hidden fees

  • No early repayment fees

  • Applications considered from any industry

  • Flexibility in how you use your loan

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Very Efficient. Excellent communication at all stages of the process, clear documentation and very fast turnaround in the funds hitting our bank.

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