Debt crowdfunding

Crowdsource your vision with debt crowdfunding. Craft the perfect pitch to attract investors looking to be part of your success.


What is debt crowdfunding?

In this type of funding, also known as peer-to-peer (P2P) or loan-based crowdfunding, you receive funding in exchange for donations of capital. Multiple donors make small contributions which you repay, along with interest.

With crowdfunding now firmly established as part of the funding mainstream, there is an ever-growing pool of investors – both individual and institutional – looking for the next exciting project or business to invest in. Thought competition can be tough, with the right pitch you can tap into this pool and crowdfund your success. And we can help.

Who is suitable for debt crowdfunding?

Established businesses looking for funding with clear-cut outcomes stand to benefit from debt crowdfunding, as a compelling pitch can be constructed with investors knowing exactly what they’re investing in. Opening a second branch is a perfect example.

The prospect of multiple funders can take the pressure off of individual pitches to angel investors and other funders. Retaining full equity is also an inviting proposition for businesses who opt for debt crowdfunding. With oversight from the Financial Conduct Authority, you can also be assured of investment from credible and secure funders.
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  • Applications considered from any industry

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