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Crowdsource your funding while gaining market validation, feedback, engagement, and exposure. Peer-to-peer microlending: truly the fundraising method for the internet age.

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Take advantage of the fastest growing section of the investment market. One size doesn’t fit all: we can advise you on the platform, method, and message to achieve success.

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Access Commercial Finance is owned and run by experienced entrepreneurs who have extensive experience in establishing and building successful businesses, in a variety of sectors, some of which have achieved a global presence.

Break with tradition

Traditionally, one or a few lenders provide the finance required to launch a business or idea. With crowdfunding, potentially hundreds of investors buy into your idea, each contributing a small percentage. Whether used alone or as a complimentary funding source to angel investment, venture capital or loans, crowdfunding can deliver success. With Access Commercial Finance you can enjoy:

  • Dedicated account manager with crowdfunding knowledge

  • Expert advice on platform, method, and message

  • Involvement at each step of the process, from launch to full funding

  • No hidden fees

  • Minimal paperwork

How crowdfunding finance could help you

If your question isn’t answered here, get in touch and we will answer any queries.

We can advise with reward, debt, equity, or donation crowdfunding. A little bit on what each of these means below:

Reward crowdfunding: made popular through sites like Kickstarter, this funding solution sees lenders invest money in exchange for non-financial rewards, rather than financial repayment.

Debt crowdfunding: the required amount is borrowed from multiple lenders, rather than one. Useful for businesses who have been unable to secure loans from traditional channels. This entails peer-to-peer lending, mini-bonds and invoice financing.

Equity crowdfunding: you exchange equity for investment, with multiple lenders sharing an agreed portion of equity. You have control over how much equity is given away.

Donation crowdfunding: finance is secured by donation, rather than borrowing. Donors do not expect any repayment, financial or otherwise.

Crowdfunding has been used to fund all manner of projects and businesses.

The rise of reward crowdfunding platforms in recent years has seen almost everything receive funding, from inventions, films, and podcasts, to journeys, board games, and harebrained schemes. Whereas debt and equity crowdfunding are associated with more traditional business ventures.

The answer to this will depend on your specific needs, and one of our qualified account managers will be able to help you reach the answer.

Equity and debt crowdfunding are more traditionally associated with business ventures, where the business seeking funding wants to avoid, or has been unable to secure funding from, traditional channels.

Third sector and charitable based projects may be able to benefit from donation crowdfunding.

We have worked with businesses in many industries to successfully secure crowdfunding.

Our experience and expertise will underpin your success: we know what is likely to attract would-be backers, from getting firm financials in place before you launch, to creating a compelling story with a clear exit strategy for investors. We also know which crowdfunding platforms work best for which sectors, so we can advise you how to pitch your proposition in the right place.

Equity and debt crowdfunding can benefit businesses from almost any industry, as it is the idea investors will be buying into.

Entrepreneurs and creatives can benefit from reward crowdfunding.

Charities and social enterprises can benefit from donation crowdfunding.

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