Asset refinance

Access the equity in your assets and raise quick capital for use elsewhere: maximise opportunity and make your assets work harder.

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What is asset refinance?

A funding solution which allows businesses to take advantage of their assets, by raising cash against them quickly and easily. This method of funding is perfect for businesses who are asset rich but cash poor, and want to access the cash locked up in their assets.

An asset – which can be any high value item – is valued, then a cash advance secured against it to be repaid over an agreed period. Assets can be eligible whether owned outright, or via a finance agreement.

Who is suitable for asset refinance?

Because the value of an asset is given priority consideration over other factors, asset refinance can benefit businesses whose credit history may not be perfect. The definition of an asset is quite broad, too, meaning that we can consider (and approve) applications from any industry.

We’re often asked what qualifies as an asset: this can be any tangible, high value item, from fleet vehicles, to invoices and inventory, to machinery and equipment. As well as quick and easy cash, you can enjoy the following with a loan from Access Commercial Finance:

  • No limitations on how you use the money

  • Fixed interest rate and no hidden fees

  • Same day decisions

  • Less than ideal financial histories considered

  • Weekly or monthly repayments

  • Applications accepted from any industry

Make your assets work harder

Asset refinance can unlock the latent potential in the assets you already own, and pave the way for success.

Very Efficient. Excellent communication at all stages of the process, clear documentation and very fast turnaround in the funds hitting our bank.

– House of Tiago

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